Grow your plants,
benefit the community.
 Plant flowers, fruits or vegetables - 
 meet people and buy, sell or exchange 
 with anyone in your local area. 
 Plantsify -
 the 'grow and produce'    app. 
 Buy, sell and exchange vegetables, flowers, fruits and many more! 
  1. Anyone can produce
    App users plant and grow any type of flowers, fruits, herbs, or vegetables from flat balconies to proper farms.
  2. Be resourceful
    Encourage app users to be more self-sufficient and cost-effective in their daily lives.
  3. Healthy living
    Enable app users to eat healthy by consuming local produce/food.
  1. Fresh and easy
    Consumers and plant growers connect directly to buy, sell or exchange plants and produce.
  2. More social
    Promote better social relations locally when engaged in the buy, sell and exchange activities.
  3. Make yourself
    Earn extra income by becoming growers and sellers, doing things that you love.
 App Prototype Screenshots 
 Plantsify connects and finds direct growers and consumers for either a bunch of  carrots
 or a truckload of potatoes, from your neighbours' backyards to proper farmers.  App users  plant  flowers, fruits or vegetables then communicate via geolocation and meet people to  buy, sell or exchange with anyone in their local areas, worldwide. 
Plantsify app is still a work in progress.
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